Finding A Cure

Jakub Tolar and Reid

Dr. Tolar and Reid


Reid has been under the care of Dr. Jakub Tolar at the University of Minnesota. He has participated in an experimental Bone Marrow Transplant that was designed to give Reid healthy stem cells from his sister, Avery. The hope is that this procedure will help him begin to create Collagen VII, which he currently can’t produce. While this is not a cure, it will offer Reid the best quality of life until a cure can be found.

Here is Dr. Tolar speaking about both the stem cell treatment and also about the work they are doing at the University of Minnesota to find a cure.

This research is really revolutionary and the video above does a great job of explaining in a more simplistic way just how close they are to making significant advances in curing this disease. For those of you who have an appetite for the technical science, Dr. Tolar recently published a seminal article discussing the research in the December online issue of Nature magazine.

We cannot emphasize enough how this work could move us closer to ending so many genetic disorders.  If you are looking for philanthropic way to change the world, or know people looking for a ways to contribute, please share this link.

Dr. Tolar and his team need to raise 20 million dollars to do the necessary research.  100% of the proceeds from the link above go to Dr. Tolar’s research. 

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